Located along the Allyn River in the Lower Barringtons is the picturesque Ladies Well. One of the larger waterholes scattered throughout the Chichester State Forest, it is just one the many hidden gems waiting to be discovered within the Barrington Tops region.

During summer, many locals and tourists flock to the Ladies Well to cool off and relax in the currents and flowing water passing through the pool from the adjoining Allyn River.

Those who visit the well of a late afternoon will be awestruck by the vibrant colours reflected by the waters from the setting sun.

The Ladies Well is home to many diverse species of native animals and birds. It is considered to be its own diverse ecosystem within a larger ecosystem, kingfishers and mistletoe birds nest in the upper eucalypt canopies of the snow gum that surround the well.

Swim around the cascading waterfalls, have a picnic or relax on the rocks surrounding Ladies Well. A day trip to this area is highly recommended.