Environmental Policy

We are committed to reducing our carbon footprint by improving and sustaining the character of Riverwood Downs and the beauty of its environment.

Riverwood Downs' commitment to environmental sustainability is further demonstrated by the following:

We are conserving our natural resources by responsibly using energy, water and materials while maintaining the quality of service for our guests and minimising pollution by reducing the use of chemicals.
We offer a clean, healthy and safe environment for staff and guests.

We review our environmental policy regularly and look at better ways to manage our resources. We discuss ways to preserve and enhance our environmental performance during our team meetings.

Several current initiatives are listed below:

  • Maximising use of individual accommodation zones to minimise lighting requirements.
  • Servicing guest rooms only on request.
  • Electrical entry tag switches are installed in all Boutique Rooms and Cabins - these ensure all non-essential electrical appliances are switched on/off when entering/departing buildings.
  • We have installed energy-efficient light globes.
  • Use of motion detectors for public areas.
  • Reducing water use by fitting low-flow water regulators in showers.
  • Reducing paper use by printing on both sides of pages and re-using paper for notes and sketches.
  • Reducing packaging materials by purchasing bulk food items and cleaning materials.
  • Signage is in guest accommodation to encourage re-use of bath towels, which can reduce energy, water and chemical usage.
  • Recycling waste paper/cardboard, glass, aluminium/steel, recyclable plastics, cooking oil and toner cartridges.
  • Plastic bags are no longer used for gallery purchases.
  • Reducing transport pollution by using local suppliers where possible.
  • Vegetable waste is collected and given to a neighbouring property for chicken feed, and meat wastage is taken by staff to use as pet food.
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Guest Satisfaction Guarantee*
Riverwood Downs is committed to making your stay enjoyable. Please immediately inform Reception or Management if you are dissatisfied with your accommodation or our services. Allow us the opportunity to correct the situation.

*See the Booking Conditions section on this website for the full conditions.